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The Lynnside Bibliography is here. The bibliography is an ongoing project and suggestions for entries are welcomed. (2-page pdf file)

"Letitia Preston FloydPioneer Catholic Feminist." Father Harry Winter's 1990 manuscript is here. ( 9-page pdf file, may take a minute to download)

Father Harry Winter's and Lynn Spellman's 1986/1999 description of the Lynnside cemeteries is here. (5-page pdf file, may take a minute to download)

The History of the St. John's Chapel by Father Harry Winter (1986, rev 1999) is here.  (12-page pdf file, may take a minute to download)

Kenneth Robinson's 1991 archeological report about the Lynnside cemeteries with grave maps and pictures is here. (53-page pdf file, may take several minutes to download)

"About Father Harry Winter" is here.

The Christiansburg Baby and the Founding Father. An op-ed about Letitia Preston Floyd's letter writing ability (1-page pdf file)

Finding the original "My Dear Rush" letter written by Letitita Preston Floyd click  (1-page pdf file)

Images of the original 32 pages of the "My Dear Rush" letter are at click

The 2016 transcription of the "My Dear Rush"is at click

Letitia hints in a letter that she has fallen for the future Governor

A long, 1990 newspaper article about the Lynnside Spring and Quibell water is here

Benjamin Rush Floyd's defense of his Catholic faith is here. (6-page pdf file, may take a minute to download)

Scotch-Irish pioneer John Lewis of Augusta and his grave site

Gov. John Floyd's Life and Diary is on line here. See page 116 for Letitia's letter in which she calls President Andrew Jackson a "bloody, bawdy, treacherous, leacherous villian."

The Smithfield Plantation house, birthplace of Letitia Preston Floyd has a web site here.

Solitude on the Virginia Tech Campus, the first home (?) of Governor John and Letitia Floyd in its present-day form is here.

About Lynn Spellman

Pictures of the Thorn Spring site of the many-year home of Governor John and Letitia Floyd here.

Pictures of Burke's Garden, the final home of Letitia Preston Floyd

Suggested Readings

About John Floyd the Surveyor

The children of Governor John and Letitia Preston Floyd

Mary Preston Lewis (Letitia's older sister who moved to Lynnside)

George Frederick Holmes

The Keiley Family


Other persons buried in the Lynnside Cemeteries


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