Lynnside Spring


    Lynnside Spring

    by Lynn Spellman
    Lynnside Spring is located on a farm in Sweet Springs, West Virginia that was part of a land grant from King George to William L. Lewis, son of John Lewis, founder of Augusta County, Virginia, and that is presently owned by a direct descendant of William L. Lewis.

    The spring was leased for several years in the 1980's to Quibell Corporation, a family corporation owned by the Ronald Quibell family of Cape Town, South Africa, who had formerly promoted Rock Musicians. The corporation bottled and sold sparkling water from the spring, hauled by tanker to their bottling plant in Roanoke, Virginia. The business was very successful for several years, expanding to include various flavors and products that were well received by consumers. The water won a number of awards in taste competitions. The spring is part of the sweet springs aquifer, known for its smooth taste and excellent quality.

    When benzene was discovered in the spring used by Perrier, Quibell started filling some of their contracts, resulting in further expansion of the business. The company eventually went bankrupt in the early 90's due to unwise business decisions, leaving Roanoke, where they had residences, and returned to South Afrrica.

    The spring is still discharging a large stream of water into nearby Dunlap Creek and is available for lease by anyone looking for some of the best quality spring water available..

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    Added by JG:
    There was a long article published about Quibell water from the Lynnside Spring in the 29 September 1990 Fredericksburg Freelance-Star. It is linked here. A blogger writing in 2010 regrets the demise of Quibell water here.